There might not be anything worse on AEW TV right now than the Jay Lethal vs Samoa Joe feud

There might not be anything worse on AEW TV right now than the Jay Lethal vs Samoa Joe feud

There will not be any AEW programming dedicated to the Ring of Honor Television Championship match between Jay Lethal and Samoa Joe.

The debut of Ring of Honor into AEW’s weekly programming has been a topic of much discussion, with some saying that it oversaturates the product as a whole with too many titles, stories, and individuals at times, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of it all. The Samoa Joe vs Jay Lethal ROH Television Championship feud on AEW television is a clear example of the questionable choice that was made in bringing the Ring of Honor to AEW television. It is currently one of the most boring, draining, and pointless things in the company moment.

A feud between Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal was sparked by the return of Samoa Joe

The beginning of Jay Lethal’s run in AEW was very lackluster, and things started to turn around very quickly after several months of pretty much-doing nothing for the company. During the next few weeks, he would have a few more televised matches, along with a gradual change in his character, making it seem as though a heel turn was on the horizon. Following the purchase of ROH by Tony Khan, the company returned to the PPV arena under the new ownership of the company and was able to return to PPV. In 2022, following the Supercard of Honor event, Lethal turned heel decisively, aligning himself with Sonjay Dutt, the champion of that event.

As a result of the main event taking place, Lethal confronted the ROH World Champion, Jonathan Gresham, which resulted in the dramatic return of Samoa Joe, who was one of the biggest names in ROH before joining TNA and then spending some time in WWE. At the end of the show, he stared down Lethal to end the show, and thus began their rivalry on April 1st. The feud for the last few weeks has been a slog, and it appears that it will be nearly another month before their blow-off match, which is set for the Death Before Dishonor PPV, will finally take place. However, between their initial confrontation and the current day, it has been a slog.

A lackluster debut by Satnam Singh hurt the Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal feud after Satnam Singh’s debut failed to impress
There is no doubt that Lethal gained annoyance at Joe for getting involved in his business on Dynamite. Their ROH history with one another was mentioned briefly, although, for whatever reason, it hasn’t been overly touched upon since then. In AEW television, Joe defeats Minoru Suzuki to become the new ROH Television Champion, but a week before this, Lethal and Dutt will lead an attack on Joe, which will result in Satnam Singh becoming the largest competitor in AEW television after a seven-foot giant debuted in the ring.

There was a lot of criticism for the angle of the debut, with a questionable ‘lights out’ segment being used to introduce him, and it is evident that he was not the most mobile of performers. Despite barely being part of AEW TV since his debut, it did seem a little awkward and out of place that Lethal was thrust into the main event of a story that was largely based around ROH on an episode of Dynamite. After that, the trio would start coming to blows with Joe, with each party taking turns in assuring that there would be a winner in a collection of post-match brawls and backstage interactions, but everything has always been mostly by the book, with very little creativity put into it.

In both AEW and ROH, the Samoa Joe vs Jay Lethal rivalry has been a boring part of the show

As Joe has been out injured for the past few weeks, it has resulted in Lethal, Dutt, and Singh appearing almost exclusively in quick backstage segments in which they summarized the events of the feud, before calling Joe out once again, with little to no change from week to week in terms of the feud. When Lethal and Joe do battle, it will be almost four months since the rivalry began, yet there has been very little change to make things feel more personal or intriguing, and despite the fact that not every feud can have these kinds of wild angles and crazy stories, this has been only presented with the barest of details.

In spite of Lethal & Dutt having decent delivery when it comes to their promos, there is very little reaction to whatever they are saying. In fact, the audience takes a collective sigh when it comes to seeing them on television since nothing has been done to set them apart from everyone else. As much as Satnam Singh should’ve been a great addition to AEW’s faction, despite the fact that he has been made to appear strong and strong, he does not give AEW any sense that he is a real threat, and this is another failure on their part as booking a big man just after their debut is always the easiest.

AEW is one of those companies that produce a lot of variety, despite the fact that some of the week-to-week content can run a little dry due to certain feuds. Normally, rivalries are carried out simply by post-match attacks and brawls, but this is even down a level from that, as the physical interactions haven’t been worth watching at all. Since Singh made his debut, no risks have been taken with this rivalry, but if it is to feel like a PPV-worthy match, there needs to be more done to pique the interest and intrigue of the audience.

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