Lionel Messi back to Barcelona?

Joan Laporta turned plenty of heads as he brought up Lionel Messi during Barcelona’s 1-0 victory over Real Madrid on Saturday in Las Vegas.

Lionel Messi back to Barcelona?

“My hope and wish are that the Leo Messi chapter at Barcelona will not come to an end,” Laporta told ESPN.

The comments of Laporta appear to not only have a real basis behind them but also to have some substance behind them, as Spanish outlet Sport has also reported that Barcelona manager Xavi has asked the club president to consider bringing Messi back to Camp Nou in the coming season of 2023-24.

In the report, Xavi states that Messi has the ability to revive both the club on and off the pitch by bringing in fresh blood.

Following two years at PSG, the Argentine star will be free to choose his next club at the end of this season.

Barcelona reunions may depend on Messi’s performance in the upcoming season, as he will be 36 by then.

Why did Lionel Messi leave Barcelona?

In 2021 Messi will be forced to look elsewhere for a new contract due to financial difficulties at Barcelona compounded by the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

The Catalan club was not able to resign him while adhering to La Liga’s financial rules even though the Argentine was willing to halve his salary.

“Despite the clear intention of both FC Barcelona and Leo Messi to sign a new contract today, it cannot be formalized due to economic and structural obstacles,” Barcelona said in a press release on August 5, 2021.

In March 2022, Laporta admitted that the decision to part ways wasn’t an easy one, but at the time, he deemed it to be in Barcelona’s best interest to do so.

“From my point of view, it is the saddest decision of all,” Laporta told Barca TV.

“This is not something I would have wanted to take, and I am not sorry about that either. I believe that the institution comes first.

“We collided with a reality that had already come to pass and we had to make that decision.”

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At Barcelona, how did Lionel Messi and Xavi perform together as a team?

It is clear that Xavi has a lot of reasons for wanting Messi to return to Barcelona, as the two of them are very familiar with each other.

There were 399 times they played together at the club during a successful period for the club where they won the La Liga seven times and the UEFA Champions League four times during their time there.

There was strong chemistry between Messi and Xavi on the pitch, as the Argentine scored 35 goals as a result of the Spaniard’s passes to him.

It would be intriguing to see Messi return to Barcelona as a coach and player, providing him with the farewell he was denied the last time around.

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