Roman Reigns will face seven-time WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam 2022

WWE has officially announced that Brock Lesnar will compete for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at SummerSlam against Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns defeated Riddle for the first time on SmackDown, defending his titles. He cut a promo after the win stating that he had beaten every superstar who came his way and no one was left standing.

This champion was interrupted, however, by the Beast Incarnate, who had returned. The latter appeared to make amends with Reigns by extending his hand for a handshake during the ringside segment. In the end, it was Lesnar who hit the Tribal Chief with F5 before taking down The Usos at the same time.

After the show, WWE announced that the two men would compete for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title in a Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam.

Reigns won the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship by defeating Lesnar at WrestleMania 38 to become the champion.

As a result of his latest contract, Roman Reigns is expected to make fewer appearances on WWE television shows. However, it seems we may get to see more of The Needle Mover as the next chapter of the Beast Incarnate’s rivalry with him begins to unfold.

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