UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 – how much will be the prize money?

UEFA’s Women’s EURO 2022 kicked off on July 6 with matches being held all over England as part of the competition.

UEFA Women's EURO 2022 - how much will be the prize money?

The biggest names in women’s football will be taking part in the tournament – and for the first time, UEFA has agreed to increase the prize money this time around.

The way in which the money is distributed in the women’s game, however, is very different. The following is a breakdown of the data.

When does Women’s EURO 2022 take place, and how much will the prize money be?

It is estimated that the prize fund for the Women’s Euros will be €16 million (around £13.7m / $16.7m). There is a double amount available this time around as opposed to last time when Euro 2017 was held in the Netherlands.

There have been two decisions taken by the European football governing body that has made this increase possible, according to UEFA: “Separating its commercial arrangements for its men’s and women’s competitions, and increasing overall UEFA investment in the competition.”

What is the average salary of the Women’s EURO 2022 winners?

This year’s UEFA Women’s EURO prize money will be cumulative over the course of the tournament. A minimum payout of €600,000 is guaranteed to all countries that participate in the tournament (£517,000 / $627,000).

Then, depending on how the results turn out, they pick up more money:

  • A win in the group stage: €100,000
  • A draw in the group stage: €50,000
  • Reaching the quarterfinals: €205,000
  • Reaching the semifinals: €320,000
  • The runners-up: €420,000
  • The champions: €660,000

In the event that the nation that wins the tournament also wins all its group games, then they will receive a total of €2,085,000m (around £1.8m / $2.17m).

England Women 2-1 Spain Women (AET): Women’s Euro 2022, Women’s Euro 2022 Quarter Final

As a winner of Women’s EURO 2022, what other benefits do you receive?

There is, of course, a trophy given to the winners of the Women’s Euros. GDE Bertoni, a Milan-based design firm, designed this one, and it was shown for the first time in Manchester, ahead of the draw for the 2005 Euros, back in 2005.

There will be a full-size replica of the trophy for the champions, and each of the squad members will receive a gold medal (while the runners-up will be awarded silver).

Is the trophy that was being used for the previous Women’s EURO tournament still around?

As a result of winning the tournament in 2001, Germany retained the previous trophy for the Women’s Euros.

From 1989 to 2013, West Germany was the tournament’s host; Germany was the tournament’s winner as hosts in 1991, and then from 1995 to 2013 they were on a remarkable run of six consecutive tournament victories.

Past winners of the Women’s Euros

1989West GermanyWest Germany
1997Norway and SwedenGermany

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