During WWE NXT, Joe Gacy revealed the identity of the Dyad

During WWE NXT, Joe Gacy revealed the identity of the Dyad

During the episode of “NXT 2.0” that aired on 7/19, Joe Gacy’s Dyad was revealed for the first time.

The former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Grizzled Young Veterans have been revealed as the henchmen of Gacy after appearing as hooded figures for weeks on end. There was a report last week that noted that James Drake and Zack Gibson were to be given new names – Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler, respectively – instead of their previous ones. As it turned out, the report was accurate, as Reid and Fowler used their new names for the first time in their tweets.
A vignette was presented as the big reveal, in which Gacy appeared alongside his two proteges, stating that the time had come for them to be purified by him. Gacy asked them to take a big step before the unveiling, as there would be no going back once they took the big step. After agreeing to the terms of the agreement, Gacy removed their hoods to reveal the former Grizzled Young Veterans without their signature beards.

During the segment, Gacy would announce that he would be adding more members to The Schism, which is the name of the stable he operates.

It has been a while since Grizzled Young Veterans were seen on “NXT 2.0” after their defeat to Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro on April 19. The following day, Gibson and Drake were dejected after losing to Legado Del Fantasma, and they expressed that they are past the frustration point. There was a lot of speculation about how WWE was repackaging Drake and Gibson with new gimmicks and names after Drake said “we won’t be seeing Drake and Gibson around here” in a backstage interview.

After defeating Dante Chen & Javier Bernal on June 8 in their official debut in the ring, The Dyad made their official debut in the ring.

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