WWE Raw, July 18 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction, and Highlights

The SportsRola Report will be covering and recapping WWE Raw on July 18th in an attempt to help you stay up to date.

Earlier in the week, Raw women’s champion Carmella was given another opportunity to defend her Raw women’s title against Bianca Belair, as a result of the events of last week’s show.

We also heard from Logan Paul as he continues his feud with his WrestleMania tag team partner, The Miz, as they continue to battle each other.

As WWE is gearing up for the biggest party of the summer which will take place on July 30, the company is in full planning mode.

This week’s Raw episode was filled with a lot of action, so let’s take a look at what happened.

Rey Mysterio vs Damian Priest WWE Raw July 18

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Winner: Damian Priest

Grade: B-

Rey Mysterio took on Damian Priest at “The Kevin Owens Show” following an episode of the show which featured Riddle as an invited guest and Seth Rollins as an uninvited guest.

As the match was about to get underway during the break, we returned to see Mysterio in control as he hit a slingshot splash for a two-count in order to turn the tide. tables with a punch and several kicks in the corner.

There was a lot of strength in both men, and they used it to their advantage. In the match, Priest would use his power to make short bursts of offense, but Mysterio’s high-flying arsenal would counter that with his short bursts of offense.

There is always something thrilling about watching a living legend such as Mysterio do his thing, but most of this match felt like it was pretty much a paint-by-numbers affair. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t memorable for me. As a result of a few close calls, Priest was able to get the win with his version of a Razor’s Edge that he developed.

The result was that Dominik agreed to join Judgment Day if they would stop attacking his father with a chair after the match ended. As a result, they turned him down and beat him instead with a chair.

Moments of Interest and Observations

  • Nickelodeon’s slime is exactly the same shade of green as Mysterio’s gear.
  • It seems as if WWE has been losing some of the faith it had in Dominik over the last couple of years. The amount of time he spends wrestling on TV has decreased dramatically over the years.
  • There are so many things that Rey does with more precision than should be possible. There is no doubt that his skills might even qualify as a sixth sense because he always seems to be in the right place at the right time with every move he makes.

Bianca Belair vs. Carmella WWE Raw July 18

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Winner: Bianca Belair

Grade: B-

A few moments after Titus O’Neil opened the show with a speech about WWE, Becky Lynch came to the ring and cut a promo in front of the crowd. In no time at all, Belair and Carmella joined her, and the two of them fought before we were able to take our first break.

When the commercial began, Belair was down, so Carmella had a slight advantage when the match began because Belair was down when the match began. After a few moments, The EST was able to regain her composure and started dominating Mella after a break.

A lot of trash was talked about between Lynch and the commentary team during the game. I believe Mella ended up using the dirty trick again in order to get an unfair advantage, but Belair kept finding ways to get by.

This match was a great example of the EST coming out on top with a K.O.D. to finish off a solid performance. Certainly, we didn’t need to see this again, but they did a great job of making it feel different from their previous encounters by working well together.

Moments of Interest and Observations

  • The speech was well delivered by O’Neil, but it would have meant more if the owner of the company wasn’t currently under investigation.
  • It is always a pleasure to see Belair. There was something unique about her jacket this week, but it also matched her gear perfectly. There are a lot of pro wrestlers who are becoming style icons in the world today.
  • It was nasty in a good way the way Carmella dumped Bianca onto the steps from inside the ring when she dumped her. The way Belair sold it was perfect.
  • The fact that Belair caught Mella as she jumped off the rope and then turned it into a beautiful vertical suplex is a testament to both women’s skill. In order to accomplish something like that, it takes two, and Mella made it work just as well as Belair did.

Omos and MVP vs Street Profits WWE Raw July 18

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Winners: The Street Profits

Grade: C

In the past several weeks we have seen The Usos and Street Profits engaged in singles and tag matches, so it was nice to get to see Omos take on Angelo Dawkins for a change of pace.

As a result of MVP’s tripping Dawkins just a few minutes into the match, the match was disqualified by the ref within a short period of time. As a result, Adam Pearce came out and changed the match into a tag team match.

Due to the Usos attacking the Profits, the Profits ended up losing by a DQ. Jimmy, Jey, and Omos, as a result of this, we’re able to take down Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins.

Profits performed well, but not at the level of recent performances.

Moments of Interest and Observations

  • The new Teddy Long is Pearce, and it’s a very good thing.
  • Compared to his old gear, the gear that Omos has been wearing lately is much better. There are many ways in which it is unique to him, even though it is simple.
  • When you look at Dawkins next to an enormous person such as Omos, you almost forget how tall he is. There is no doubt that Dawkins is a big man.

Asuka, Brooke and Bliss vs. A.S.H., Tamina and Doudrop WWE Raw July 18

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Winners: Asuka, Brooke and Bliss

Grade: F

In a six-woman tag match, Asuka, Dana Brooke, and Alexa Bliss went up against Nikki A.S.H., Doudrop, and Tamina in the ring.

The 24/7 title was won by Akira Tozawa after he emerged from under the ring and pinned Brooke. The title was won by Nikki by pinning him, and then the belt was won by Bliss by pinning her. As soon as Doudrop hit a crossbody to win it for herself, Tamina superkicked her to take it from her before Doudrop could even finish it off.

After giving her a good rollover, Brooke won it back from her before she ran away to the back. Even though Bliss pinned Nikki for the title, the six-woman tag match seems to have continued regardless of Bliss’ pin. As a result, Asuka was able to secure victory over Nikki by putting an armbar on her.

There was nothing funny about this, it was a total mess. There should be an end to the 24/7 stuff if they aren’t going to give us R-Truth.

Miz TV with Logan Paul WWE Raw July 18

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Grade: C

Miz TV was hosted by The Miz, who was joined by Logan Paul on the show as well. At WrestleMania, he told Paul that he was going to teach him a lesson, but Paul refused to listen to him.

The Miz and Paul traded verbal jabs during the tenser parts of the match, but The Miz kept turning down Paul’s challenge until Paul made fun of his tiny balls. As a result of that, The A-Lister accepted the fight as a result of anger.

Paul sent the social media star out of the ring after he tried to attack the social media star. In order to allow The Miz to take a free shot, Ciampa attacked him from behind and held him down. By kicking him away and rolling out of the ring, Paul managed to avoid being hit by him.

This was neither a great nor a terrible experience. Despite the fact that it was what it needed to be, there is a possibility that fans will have mixed feelings about it.

Moments of Interest and Observations

  • The Miz is a man who knows how to put people over on the mic, so you can say what you want about him.
  • Would it be possible to stop making jokes about tiny balls? Assuming that the show returns to TV-14, we can probably expect to see a lot more of this kind of humor in the future.

Ezekiel vs Seth Rollins WWE Raw July 18

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Winner: Seth Rollins

Grade: B

Rollins made an appearance on “The KO Show” earlier in the week and ended up in a match with Ezekiel. The first few minutes of the game were a very competitive one, but Zeke managed to control most of the action.

As the match went on, Rollins was increasingly taking control of the match as it progressed. Right after a commercial break, he was on the verge of hitting the Stomp, but Zeke managed to avoid it. The problem was that he was unable to avoid it a few minutes later when the situation arose. As a result of a decent back-and-forth fight, Rollins was able to walk away with the victory.

Despite the fact that Zeke might not win all of his matches, the fact that he has had the opportunity to display more of his physical abilities than he ever did when he was Elias has opened many eyes to how talented he is.

Moments of Interest and Observations

  • As funny as Corey Graves’ constant mocking of Byron Saxton has been in the past, there hasn’t been anything as funny in a long time. During this particular show, it was especially noticeable.
  • There was a real feeling of pain in the way Rollins crotched Zeke on top of the turnbuckle.
  • There was an impressive amount of power displayed by Zeke as he lifted Rollins into the electric chair position. There was no hesitation on his part, he just stood up like it was nothing.

AJ Styles vs Theory WWE Raw July 18

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Winner: AJ Styles

Grade: B+

In the ring, Theory explained how he would use his briefcase to cash in at SummerSlam, but AJ Styles was soon able to interrupt him. In the following match, Dolph Ziggler sat at ringside as Dolph Ziggler watched the match after a break.

As might be expected from this match between these two competitors, it had a quick pace and felt more competitive than most of the other bouts on this show. It was great to see both of them.

As Although Theory can be annoying on the mic, he’s got the physical aspect down. On the offensive side of the ball, he looks good. In terms of selling, he does a good job when he is on defense. At this point, his character is just grating to the point of being annoying.

As the ref turned his back, Ziggler nailed Theory with a superkick, which led to Styles getting the count-out victory. In spite of the fact that the ending was not ideal, everything leading up to it was solid.

Moments of Interest and Observations

  • As a result of shaving, Ziggler looks like a babyface now.
  • I’m kidding, of course.
  • Styles’ vertical suplex into a neckbreaker, which he used as his finisher, was perfectly executed.

There might not be anything worse on AEW TV right now than the Jay Lethal vs Samoa Joe feud

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